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A rare breed: Pig Farmer AND Pork Producer

Raising pigs from the 60s to late 80s was a worthwhile gig. Most farmers who had row crops would also raise pigs in their woodland non-cultivated fields and grow them to market weight. That’s what we did. We grew row crops (corn, cotton and peanuts) and raised pigs to sale. There was no shortage of local buyers and all was good.. until Smithfield ventured down to the South. Soon all of our local buyers and friends had either been bought up or snuffed out.

We were left at a crossroads. We could either get out of the hog business completely or find a way to make it better. That’s when we came up with a plan to disrupt the pork industry and bring it back to basics.

We decide to cut out the middleman and see our product through from farrow to finish. It all stemmed from “Granddaddy Raymond’s” dream of providing his family and friends with the same delicious pork that his father prepared for him in a dirt-floored smokehouse in their backyard.

Obviously, we talked him into bringing things up to code a little bit but you get the point.

The same pig he was tasked to water and feed every morning before school became a source of food for his family over time. How’s that for “farm to table”?

Most people have forgotten what it’s like to taste pork that came straight from their family’s farm or their neighbors down the road or even pork raised in their state. So that became our mission -- to give pork back it’s delicious street cred.

We want to remind people that pork can be tender, flavorful and a beneficial addition to your diet. Our pastured pork is just that.

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