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1 Tenderloin

2 Half Butts

1 Whole Rack of Ribs

11 lbs. of Center Cut Pork Chops

4 lbs. of First Cut Pork Chops

6 lbs. of BACON

3 lbs. of Bacon Ends

2 Smoked Ham Hocks

1 Fresh or Smoked Ham (20 lbs.) OR 20 lbs. of a variety of the


2 lbs. Ground Pork

2 lbs. Fresh Pork Burger

2 lbs. Bulk Sausage

2 lbs. Fresh Sausage Links

2 lbs. Fresh Sausage Patties

2 lbs. Smoked Sausage Links

2 lbs. Smoked Sausage Patties

2 lbs. Pulled Pork

2 lbs. BBQ

2- Summer Sausages

1/2 Hog Package

  • Package will be shipped in two large styrofoam coolers! 

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