Keep refrigerated/frozen. Cook thoroughly.


If you want to be the master griller that your kids are proud of or the grandparent that the grandkids actually want to visit, throw some of these sausage links on your grill and into your meals. Buy it. Try it. Prove me right!   


Our Smoked Sausages are now "skinless" meaning we don't use casings. It still holds a beautiful shape and flavor, same as with a casing. 


Ingredients: pork, water, salt, spices. 



Smoked Sausage Links- 1 lb.

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  • Our smoked sausage links are smoked in our smokehouse using local peachwood. We don't use hog casings anymore on our sausage links but they do still hold that same great flavor and shape. They are best grilled but you can also cook them in a skillet or in your oven! 


    Grill: Set your grill to around 400 - 425 degrees. Place links directly on the grates and cook until the internal temp reaches 160 degrees fahrenheit. It won't take long so keep an eye on them!