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Here at Thompson Farms, we take our bacon craft very seriously. Pork bellies are hand rubbed with a mixture of sugar and salt then placed in a salt cooler for 8 days to let all that rub soak in. After the 8 days are up, the remaining rub is rinsed off then the bellies are hung in our smokehouse to smoke very slowly using local peachwood, enhancing the flavor. After the smoking process is finished, the bacon slabs are cooled then sliced and packaged.


I'm not going to say that this bacon will bring you complete joy and a new life, only Jesus can do that. But it will give your tastebuds a joy unlike any other food you've ever had.


If you have any quetions about the man named Jesus who gives new life and complete joy, or quetions about this bacon, give me a call or shoot us an email! 

Ask for bayly! 


Keep refrigerated/frozen. Cook thoroughly to 160 °F.

Ingredients: pork, salt, white sugar, brown sugar

**No sodium nitrite

Smoked Bacon- 1 lb.

  • Our bacon is best cooked on the stovetop in a skillet or griddle or baked in the oven. 

    Stovetop: Place strips of bacon on skillet (cast iron is best but any skillet will do!). Turn the burner on low and let the bacon start to brown. Watch closely and flip when needed. Once cooked to your desired crispiness, remove from pan onto a cooling rack or a baking sheet lined with paper towels to absorb the grease. 

    Oven: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a baking sheet with foil. Place bacon rack over the toil foil.  Place strips of bacon on rack. Cook in the oven until desired crispiness. Typically 10-15 minutes. 

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