Have you ever wanted to try just 1 of everything!? 

I know that i can not be the only one who wants to try one of everything when i go to a nice resturant or grocery shopping!

Well, we want to give you the opportunity to fill that desire when it comes to Thompson Farms pork! This package literally has one of every product we make!


Includes 1 pack of:

Smoke Sausage Links 

Smoke Sausage patties

Fresh Sausage links 

Fresh Sausage Patties

Fresh Sausage bulk

Ground Pork

Pork Burger

Sausage Breakfast Links

Fresh First Cut Pork Chops

Fresh Center Cut Pork Chops

Half rack of Ribs

Half Pork Butt


Black Peppered Bacon

Summer Sausage 


Pulled Pork

Deli Ham 

Smoked Ham Hocks

Smoked Center Cut Chops

Smoked Ham Center Slice 

The Taste of Thompson Farms Package